Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Milestone: Blogpost number 500!

Hard to believe but this is blogpost number 500! What was supposed to be a little blog mostly about the restoration of our search for a house in Cincinnati and our restoration of the house we did find, has become so much more.

A source for Local Preservation News, Neighborhood news and of course Everything Victorian.

It isn't always easy to keep at it, between running a couple of businesses, my neighborhood responsibilities as president of Knox Hill and my constant lobbying to save historic buildings, it takes a lot of my time.

But since this blog has started we have saved several homes from demolition. Brought new people to Cincinnati and I hope, made a difference in Historic preservation in Cincinnati. I have made some great friends in the local preservation community, converted other to see the value in preservation and I continue to be thorn in the side of city government until they "get it right' on Historic Preservation. Sorry city officials but I am not going anywhere!

But I am still not blogging on the weekends.....gotta have time to work on the house!

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Quim said...

You have one of the best blogs in town. Your activism is appreciated.