Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nuisance Board Hearing March 26th

Property on 5th street is valued at $271,400.00 and pays $8241.00 in property taxes a year!

The City of Cincinnati Nuisance Board ( AKA Historic Properties Death Panel) meeting is March 26th .

All persons are hereby notified that the buildings listed below will be the subject of a public hearing at 9:00 AM on March 26, 2010 in the Main Conference Room, First Floor, Business Development and Permit Center, 3300 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio. Anyone may appear at the hearing and present pertinent testimony that may assist the Director of Buildings and Inspections to determine whether or not the buildings do, in fact, constitute a public nuisance and shall be razed.

This Lincoln street property is asessed at 92,900.00 and pays 32225.00 in taxes a year

The following properties are on the hit list. If you would like to save any of these I suggest attendance at this meeting.

Another Historic Over the Rhine property faces the wrecking ball

273 Mohawk, 1538 beech,713 Delhi ave, 1509 Pleasant, 2648 Bellevue, 3835 Vine, 2015 Weron,
7200 Brookcrest, 2308 May, 2323 May, 1792 Carll, 1114 Marshall, 205 Mcmicken, 1204 lincoln,
535 prospect, 515 Maple, 1626 crest Hill, 1521 Republic, 229 Sturgis, 2513 stanton, 2325 Vine
305 W 5th, 313 W 5th, 1717 Montrose, 3430 Kensington

The total assessed value of the above property is $2,326,130.25 . There is a total of $40,988.79 in delinquent taxes although 11 of the properties owe NO back taxes. Combined these properties pay $76,595.73 a year in property taxes.

With this batch included in the first quarter of this year $ 6,010,791.27 in property has been ordered DESTROYED by the city of Cincinnati . The total annual loss of tax revenue comes to $206,778.78 per year. Most of these properties will sit as vacant lots for DECADES meaning millions of dollars of tax revenue will have to be made up for by the rest of us, and we the taxpayer will pay to have those vacant lost mowed and cleared of the inevitable dumping that comes.


Brianne said...

How do you find these 'nuisance properties' before they hit the death panel?

Paul Wilham said...

The city maintains a list:


You can do a database or excel search. There are approximatley 2500 properties that either have an order to remain vacant or are condemned. Most of these houses have no structural issues but are the result of overzealous inspectors who are too lazy to do proper enforcment of repair orders.

Too many houses are lost because the city enforcement system is Broken.