Friday, March 12, 2010

Over the Rhine: DEMO WATCH! 1737 Elm

Danny Klinger has informed me that a demo permit has been pulled for the property at 1737 Elm street in Over the Rhine.

According to Klinger he has someone with the ability and financial resources to restore it for use as a private residence.

Klinger who has actually been in the building, reports that it is walkable on all levels so there appears to be nothing of a 'structural nature' that would preclude restoration.

In his email he notes "I once again find it unbelievably sad and senseless to tear down a piece of history forever in exchange for a vacant lot with a lien, when the place could be stabilized by a private citizen at no charge to the city."
Loss of this building will leave a gap in what is otherwise an intact row of buildings!
Klinger said he will be exploring every possible avenue to save the building today. If anyone has any ideas please contact him.


epavner said...

So, who pulled the demo permit? It would be helpful to know the name of the owner who wants to tear the building down.

Paul Wilham said...

Who else would tear down a restorable building in a historic district?

The City of Cincinnati! They have declared it a 'nuisance'!