Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Architectural RAPE" of the Gamble House should not go unpunished!

NOTE: This blog and its opinions ARE the the views of its author. We would welcome the opportunity to defend our views in a court of law if a certain 501C3 non profit disagrees with our view and considers our opinion "inflammatory"!

The "ARCHITECTURAL RAPE" of the Gamble House should not go unpunished!

The Gamble House as viewed by the court yesterday and an important piece of EVIDENCE in a court proceeding was not the condition of this house when this matter was brought before the court of Judge Nadel. It is our opinion, that the court should open a formal investigation into this to determine if deliberate evidence tampering took place and bring those individuals and/or entities responsible for ordering the DELIBERATE destruction of the interior of the Gamble House before the court to answer for their attempt to deliberately alter EVIDENCE in a matter before the court.

There are individuals who witnessed the condition of this structure prior to the hearing who can, and will, attest to the interior condition of this property. The FACT that persons, under the order of an "entity", made a deliberate effort to TAMPER WITH EVIDENCE in an on going case must be held in contempt by the court and appropriate PUNITIVE action should be taken by the court on this matter. Those persons and/or entities should be charged with EVIDENCE TAMPERING and suffer appropriate fines and/or jail time for their deliberate attempt to sway the opinion of a judge being presented evidence in a court case.

I call for everyone with direct knowledge of the prior condition of this structure and or photographic evidence, to immediately contact Judge Nadel"s court and offer testimony as to the prior condition of Gamble House. As there is no evidence of any police reports made that would indicate a prior vandalism, it is our opinion that the court can reach but one conclusion, that the PLAINTIFF, or persons under their control or employment, in this case, made a deliberate and calculated attempt to alter and tamper with evidence (the Gamble House) in the matter before the court and Judge Nadel should take appropriate action. and those responsible should be held in contempt!

Further I would urge Westwood Concern or CPA (Cincinnati Preservation Association) to go to court and seek and immediate court order of receivership so that repairs can be made. Greenacres, in the opinion of this author, should not be allowed to retain physical custody of this property.

I am, today, sending a letter of inquiry to the State of Ohio Attorney Generals office asking them to investigate Greenacres Foundation and if they have acted in a matter appropriate of a 501C3 charitable organization, if it is found they acted in an inappropriate manner, the state should seize and hold all assets of that foundation pending an investigation. I ask EVERYONE to immediately begin a BOYCOTT of the Greenacres foundation and its programs. Further it is my opinion that if Proctor and Gamble Corporation does not want to face a national boycott of its products it needs to decide if it wishes to support an organization that has shown NO REGARD for the history of one of their founders and has spit in the face of the residents of Cincinnati with its actions!

The ARCHITECTURAL RAPE of a Cincinnati Landmark must not go unpunished and certain individuals who thing that this is a 'game' need to be brought before the court to answer for their actions!


Karen Anne said...

What happened to the interior? Are there "after" photos?

This seems to be part and parcel of the method of getting rid of historic structures, most often seen, I think, as: buying it, doing no maintenance for years, then saying it has to be torn down because of its condition. But that's at least slow motion with the possibility of intervening compared to what you seem to be describing.

(I'm now also thinking of a Greene and Greene house I think it was that had all its fixtures stripped and sold by the person who wanted to destroy it.)

Todd McFarland said...

Well stated. It hard to comprehend they claim be philanthropic organization with good intentions.

Paul Wilham said...
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Paul Wilham said...
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Paul Wilham said...

There are 19 photos in the cincinnati enquirer. Looks like most of it was put in piles. BUT some things appear to be missing.

I hope the judge locks the board of greenacres up for evidence tampering. NOTHING would please me more!

St Charles said...

Unconscionable that a 501c3 would behave so abominably. Carter Randolph is squandering Foundation assets with his destruction of the interior of the beloved Gamble House. Cincinnati is the epic battle in the USA fought against corporate and ultra wealthy who continue to destroy the very fabrioc of our country! Judge Nadel Jail Carter Randolph and the rest of the Board! Dasterdly Deeds can not go unpunished. Save Cincinnati Save America. You alone have the power Judge Nadel!

Karen Anne said...

Paul, I just looked at the photos but I could only stand to watch the first half of the set.

To the moon, Alice.