Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday: No Blog Weekend

Hey....... this is Hannaford the housecat....umm it's Paul's birthday Saturday, so he won't be doing the blog thingy this weekend. He' 52........ which is about a bazillion years old in cat years.....I mean thats like dust, if you are a cat and I have nine lives!

Anyway, my bowl is full and I'm kinda sleepy and its hard to type when you have big paws, and well, you are a cat like me. And I have the remote so don't bug me with questions and stuff!

So like, I know he doesn't like gifts, but you can send like cases of catfood to me instead. Catnip is cool too! I like the organic stuff!

Gotta go, dont bug me, he will post something extemely profound about some Preservation or Restoration thing on Monday.............peace out!

1 comment:

St Charles said...

Happy Birthday Paul and Many MOre! Nice Cat!