Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cincinnati Nuisance Board (DEMO) Hearing: April 23

Government Boondoggle? This property 1314 Groesbeck, is appraised at
$174,740.00 by the auditors office and is owned by the US Government, we the people owe the county $ 8,782.02 in back taxes. The CITY wants to bulldoze it using FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS at a cost of 15000.00 or so. ANGRY? You should be!

In an effort to advise the public how our local state and federal tax dollars are wasted and the historic property of this city is being systematically destroyed, we present the next Cincinnati Nuisance Board hearing. If any of these properties are near you please attend this hearing and voice your concerns and let you council person know how your tax money is being wasted by the "Cincinnati property DEATH PANEL" or as they like to be called the Nuisance Board.

All persons are hereby notified that the buildings listed below will be the subject of a public hearing at 9:00 AM on April 23, 2010 in the Main Conference Room, First Floor, Business Development and Permit Center, 3300 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio. Anyone may appear at the hearing and present pertinent testimony that may assist the Director of Buildings and Inspections to determine whether or not the buildings do, in fact, constitute a public nuisance and shall be razed.

For comments or questions regarding Section 106 reviews, eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places, or other matters relating to historic conservation, please contact the Urban Conservator at Larry.Harris@cincinnati-OH.gov or 513-352-4848 within seven days of the publication of this notice
1311 Knowlton looks to be a very presentable Historic Second Empire structure (Federal law requires that a section 106 review on every property over 50 years old) Do you think Larry Harris even looked at this one?

30 properties:

1322 Apjones, 1311 Knowlton, 1432 Apjones, 4102 Jerome, 4232 Fegus, 1139 Atwood, 4760 gray, 1314 Groesbeck, 5527 Hamilton, 5939 Kenneth, 5912 Lantana, 1443 Marlow, 6413 Bramble, 5325 kenwood, 5919 Madison, 5207 ravena, 4911 Whetsel, 4018 Apple, 4170 Chambers, 4141 Gordon, 4558 Hamilton, 1132 Atwood, 1454 Aster, 1615 Otte, 4322 Beech hill, 4130 witler, 4231 kirby, 4124 Langland, 4210 Colerain, 1504 Chase, 4234 Fergus.
Great old house at 5527 Hamilton. The city wants to tear this down using our tax dollars?
The waste of tax dollars:
Of the 30 properties, 15 owe NO delinquent property taxes! The other 15 have a combined 84.559.50 in delinquent taxes. The annual LOSS of annual tax dollars that would be caused by the demolition of these properties is 52243.69 yearly. These properties have a combined assessed value of $1,896,490.00 !

$5,581,151.00 OF REAL ESTATE.

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