Monday, April 12, 2010

Knox Hill Project: weekly update

So many projects and a lot to cover but the main event had to be the parlor ceiling. As you know from earlier posts we discovered the original neo grec stencil designs which we now sell online , the big issue has been the ceiling and what it may have looked like. Unlike the wall we were able to locate the original stencil. Also we have no idea what the original plaster medallion looked like as it was long gone. We do know it was about 18 inches across based on some paint paint lines. We found a reproduction of an original design (17 1/2 inches) then painted it to match our colorway.
We elected to repeat our wall frieze stencil around the medallion. This ceiling stencil is a enlarged single versions of our wall frieze stencil which we will soon add to our product line on the Knox Hill stencil sets. Our plan is to also use this as corner block detail in the corners but it will be on a maroon background with the design done in gold leaf. As for the design we simply repeated it to surround the medallion. If you didn't have a medallion you could just repeat this pattern and by drawing a circle on your ceiling painted with a different color design your own painted medallion.
This shows in progress as the design is repeated,I did the four corners first to set spacing.
Final product: Note the 4 corners are moved out slightly as is the edges of the medallion.
We got lucky over the weekend as well. TIP: early on Saturday morning Lowes has tables throughout the store of closeout stuff. Some of it is special order and returns. We got two boxes of the thick hardwood flooring, prestained and finished. This stuff sells for 90.00 a box. We got two boxes which is more than enough to do the first floor bathroom floor. The price 7.00 a Box!!! We also picked up some interior window shades for a 1.20 each and some exterior security lights for 3.00 bucks ( future project). So it pays to have a list of things you need,but maybe are not ready for yet and the square footage and sizes in your pocket as you never know when a bargain comes up.

Our gardening work continues and this week things are blooming. Everything we put in last year the Lily's, grasses, Resurrection lilies and ferns are all coming back.
The other "big" project was moving old limestone steps into position. These steps weigh about 600 lbs each and were used originally as front steps when the original porch fell apart about 1900. Since we rebuilt the porch we had these leftover steps. Moving them was quite a chore but we now have then where they need to be for our front yard terracing project. I will do a post later in the week on how we plan the front yard to be layed out.

Although it seems like we aren't getting anything done at times we actually are making progress!

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fordmw said...

Looks awesome, Paul. Parlor ceiling is fantastic.