Monday, April 26, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

A rainy weekend only allowed us to get a little outside work done, so we concentrated on the inside. For me that meant more stenciling. I am still doing more prep work on the 4 large parts of the ceilings that will be painted with the "Renaissance sky" painting. Mostly filling and sanding minor cracks. I am not looking for a 'new' look for those panels rather one that looks like an old house should and respects the 'uneven ' nature of historic plaster. I am filling some small cracks and minor gouges cased by the removal of ceiling papers at some point in the houses life. Those panels will be primed with a base gesso to provide the base for the paintings.
This week I worked on the 'edging' of the center 'medallion section" with the burgundy (Dk mahogany) Basically this is done by masking areas off and painting in between. Of course at the end of this major project there will be 'final detailing' where I some in with a liner brush also known as a 'rigger' and make the line perfectly smooth.
I also began the painting of the divider panels that radiate out from the medallion panel. These also had to be 'edged' with the burgundy and the ends of the stencil patter was used on either end.
In the center of those panels I used the entire stencil painted in one direction then 'flipped to do the other way. Simple put stenciling is a long complex drawn out process when you are doing this level of stenciling but we are respecting the original neo grec stenciling found in this room by this project.

In other areas we worked on getting things ready for the electrical contractor and we began the process of taking up the old floor in the kitchen for a new subfloor. A satisfying weekend on an otherwise soggy one. Oh....and I survived my birthday intact!

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