Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Open Letter to the Greenacres Foundation Board Members:Think about your Reputation!

This is an open letter to the board of directors of the Greenacres Foundation. Stop and think about your reputation!

For the last two days and the remainder of this week, hundreds of people, people concerned about the direction that your 501C3 charity is headed, are filing formal complaints with the State Attorney Generals Office of the State of Ohio.

Those complaints, quite simply, are calling for a complete investigation , by grand jury if necessary, of the activities of the foundation board, its members and it's financial dealings regarding the Gamble House, and its stewardship of that donated asset, and the potential "evidence tampering" and will full destruction of a capital asset of a 501C3 Charity.

This is not a "game', this is Serious Business.

The community is so outraged that they are taking this drastic step. People are engaged in picketing and open protest of a charity! Do you not read the paper? Do you not see the entire city is overwhelmingly against what is taking place with the Gamble House? Will you let the arrogance of one man destroy the reputation of the Greenacres Foundation?

The "ethical conduct" of the entire Greenacres Foundation Board is being called into question due to the activities of ONE BOARD MEMBER! Who has, with reckless abandon, and without any regard for the serious damage being caused to the reputation of the Greenacres Foundation is well on his way to destroying the good work that your Foundation has done. This will no doubt 'spill over" to the Greenacres Farm Sales LLC, Greenacres Art Center LLC, The Greenacres Horsemanship Academy, and Greenacres Water Quality Project LLC.

In that, not only will the foundation suffer, but your reputation as well. Consider the possibility that if proper rules and laws were not followed, that the assets of the foundation, ALL assets of the foundation could be seized under a court order and interim receivers appointed and the board could be removed and could potentially face indictments at both the state and federal level if the Attorney General office investigates, finds that proper procedures under Ohio revised code sections 1702 were not followed.

The actions of one 'rouge' board member threatens the very continued existence of all the good work your foundation has done. I understand that asking for the resignation of board member and removal of an officer is a serious business and there is a great deal of reluctance to take such a drastic step. But think of the damage being caused to your reputation personally,and to the foundation's reputation. If the 'votes and will" isn't there by a majority of the board, I urge you to contact the State of Ohio, Attorney Generals office and 'blow the whistle'. You might be known as the person who saved Greenacres Foundation from destruction. Too many people are complaining to the Attorney Generals Office for this to be swept under a rug. An investigation will happen.

Having sat on the board of numerous charities and nonprofits, I know the good reputation of a foundation is critical to the ongoing success and the continued good works its does. Do not allow yourself to be bullied by one individual. Do the right thing!


St Charles said...

Paul I think you are blowing on deaf ears. If you listen to the word on the street. Carter Randolph has fixed the board to be close friends and his relatives. Nevertheless they will not be able to say they had no knowledge they were breaking the law.

Paul Wilham said...

Well, I made the effort. I do not think there will be a tear shed if certain persons are hauled to jail by the state police or IRS, but at least I made the effort.

It reminds me of watching a 'highly respected" methodist minister being hauled to jail for embezzlement back in 1988 for theft years ago when I exposed violations of 501C3 law with another non for profit. Not the first time I've watched this happen when people think the law does not apply to them.

Its just sad that people may go to jail for being stupid and not realizing that 'no action" is the same as being an accomplice!

Greenacres has actually done some remarkable things, sad their legacy may well be one of illegality!

But as they say "Film at 11"!

St Charles said...

Your right. We have to fight evil where it exists to the best of our abilities.