Thursday, April 8, 2010

Victorian Ceilings: Medallion Painting project

I've been working on this little ceiling medallion project and I thought I'd share a little bit about it.

This medallion will be in our Formal Parlor. Our is a stencilled ceiling and I selected this medallion so I could repeat our stencil design around it in the patterned ceiling design we are doing. This medallion is 17 1/2 inches across.
This medallion is based on a historic design. They come in base white prime. There are typically small imperfections or specs in them so I advise sanding it slightly. If you are going to do any gold leaf you first want to prime it in a dark color. Since we have a Mahogany color in the parlor we used it as our "base prime" The other primary trim color is called "False Cypress" and has that greenish blue color that approximates an original milk paint color.
There is no "easy way' to paint one of these it takes hours of work with an artist brush but I think the final result is worth the effort. The gilding will really show off at night when the electro-gasolier is on or table lighting is being used, remember our hanging rail is also gold so the room should sparkle when done.

Will likely install this one this weekend so look for future posts on how to center and install a ceiling medallion. It is Soooo much easier to paint one BEFORE you install it. It's hard to be on a scaffold with an artist brush to do once in place although I have done it more than once.

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