Thursday, April 15, 2010

Westwood Celebrates Problem Apartment Buildings Demise

Photo Courtesy Jim McNulty

Westwood may have a national reputation now for its preservation efforts to save the historic Gamble house, but residents actually celebrated a demolition yesterday.

This was not a historic home however, but rather an eyesore apartment building at 2153 Harrison Avenue was demolished yesterday. The building had been the site of numerous housing complaints and a source of litter trash and debris in the neighborhood.

The property was owned by Philip and Irene Yeary. The property had been on the local MLS offered for sale as a 'short sale' at 100,000.00. The building was built in 1971 and was not a contributing structure to the other historic homes in the neighborhood. Westwood residents have been lobbying hard to get high density apartment buildings demoed along Harrison Avenue which the neighbors cite as a major source of crime and litter in the neighborhood.


Keith said...

It's good to see these things go. I wonder and worry about what will take its place.

Will the City in its infinite wisdom allow any type of design to replace demo'd space. Hopefully, they do it right. Wouldn't it be neat to replace the demo'd structure with a tudor infill that fits in with the rest of the housing stock or if high density is desired, infill with a design similar to some of the larger apt buildings that are further up Harrison Ave.

Paul Wilham said...

I think Westwood and ethc ity need to come up with a general plan of downzoning that would result in a property originally built and single family reverting back to that use when ever a later construction building such as this one is demoed.

Architectural and size standards should be east to control by setback and standards. AS more of the eyesores come down developers will be attracted to the lots. The city doesnt need more apartments and they do not need more low income houseing.