Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cincinanti Preservation Bargains: Neave street

Maybe you are an artist or a woodworker and you need a place to live and work. OTR is getting too pricey to but and restore. Where to go?

708 Neave might be your solution. This mixed use Second Empire building still has its original patterned slate front roof. Some elaborate cornice details and quoins. The building needs restoration ( it was previously "rehabbed' ) but could be restored into a wonderful live/work space by opening up the first floor storefront and turning the rest into a grand townhome. A rooftop deck will provide a panoramic view of the downtown and the river. Has a fairly recent roof so its nice and dry and was apparently rented not too long ago.

This part of Lower Price Hill may be one of Cincinnati best kept secrets. A nice compact neighborhood just minutes to the downtown. It reminds me of Georgetown or parts of Charleston with its brick rowhouses and mixed use street level shops. Attracted by ridiculously low prices it is drawing the attention of artists and others who see the real potential of this small "Pocket Neighborhood". Active Neighborhood Association too and if you take the time to really walk around you will be surprised at the number of restorations going on.

Offered at 12,000.00! and it sits on a 25 x 75 ft lot, 3 stories, full basement and ready to restore. You can be a "Preservation Hero" and your friends will be congratulating you in a few years on how 'smart' you were to get in when you did. MLS#1213805 by Hermine Niesz Owner-Land Realty, Inc. 513-896-1200.

Do you know of a preservation Bargain? A historic home just crying out for a responsible caring owner? If so contact me with details, photo and contact information and I may feature it here. Since we started this series several homes are now in Preservationists hands and saved from clutches of slumlords and investors. Saving Cincinnati one house at a time!


tom said...

That is a NICE building, love the intricate brick work and the detail around the dormer (not sure what that's called). The only thing that bugs me is it looks like the middle window on the 2nd floor was bricked-in at some point and would have to be opened back up.
Being so close to the park area (or is that a private lot) could be nice or a problem, depending on how the neighborhood changes.
One thing LPH has is an active neighborhood council with lots of backbone.

Paul Wilham said...

Opening up the window isnt a big deal. Of course the two lower windows were larger storefronts. Also not a huge deal. Thata vacant lot and fenced as i recall.

If one could get that it would be great to do brick wall and a driveway gate and create a "New orleans style courtyard in that lot.