Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cincinnati Business 1896: Back in the Day

In 1896 if you wanted a Cooper you didn't head to your local BMW dealer because in 1896 a Cooper wasn't a car it was a person who made barrels and you might have called the Hauser Brenner and Fath Company at Mc Clean and Bank streets

Did you know there were 12 buggy companies in Cincinnati? 5 Tow Boat Companies? Or 16 Twine Dealers? In today's modern age we forget there were hundreds of businesses in the late 1890's that simply don't exist today.
If you were building a new house you would probably go to the McGarvey Company for your brick, they were located at 815 Freeman Ave in the West End.
Across the river in Convington the Stine and Co provided all your Coal to keep you warm.
Of course all that coal made things a bit dirty so chances are you carpets needed cleaned and "shaken". If so you would call the "Queen City Steam Carpet Shaking Establishment" at 85 Central Ave. They also cleaned "church cushions"
And last but not least in our look back at Cincinnati Business in the Victorian era, Morrison and Snodgrass on Hunt street were manufacturers of Windows, Sashes and Blinds .If you have the crappy replacement windows like we do I bet you'd like to be able to give them a call to get some real period windows and you could to, just tell the operator you want 414, THEY HAD A PHONE!
Did you know there were 12 Umbrella Shops in Cincinnati?

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