Monday, May 10, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly update

Work continues on the ceiling project with another panel of the ceiling now painted. I am starting to get a feel about how the whole thing will work out and so far I am pretty happy with things. Once I finish the ceiling I can complete the decorative frieze work and will be ready to hang the electrogasolier.
Because of the rains lately we decided to spend some additional time on the yard and gardens. Everything we have planted this year has "taken off" and seems to be well established.
Last year when we were clearing out the "fence row from hell" on the west side of the property line we found a rose growing amidst the weeds and honeysuckle which I dug up an transplanted. I was pleasantly surprised to see it has bloomed. Not the traditional Red I expected but rather the rose was covered with small delicate while flowers with a yellow center. A little on line research seems to indicate that this is a Rosa noisetliana 'Darlow's Enigma' This apparently a
little known rose outside of rose circles. An heirloom and a hardy climber. Looks like I will need an arbor for it?

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