Monday, May 17, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

It's planting time! This week we worked on a variety of landscaping projects. In front we began to "fill in" spaces in the front terraced garden area. We added two varieties of correopsis and some irises to the mix. We are being careful not to overplant this area. People often make the mistake of over planting an area. They simply do not read how big things get and are looking for an immediate effect, In a couple of seasons this garden will fill in nicely as the plants we put in get better established and grow.
This part of the terraced garden rise about 6 feet in total the terraced areas with the rock will hold back rain runoff and stop soil erosion
We are still working in the kitchen with the floor replacement. We have 1/2 the floor joists exposed at this point. We lucked out since there was concrete poured under these joists at some point . Presumably as a method of insulating the pipes when they added the bathroom in this area. We will have some areas to fil in with concrete but having a sealed floor in the minimal crawlspace will help. I am really impressed with just how "overbuilt' things were. The footers are over 2 feet wide and appear to go down almost 6 feet!
The big changes are starting to happen in the side yard. We set stakes yesterday so we know where the additions to the house will be for the front tower, the side gallery porches and the carriage house. This let us know what changes we will need to make. Of course one of those changes will involve the reduction of the Lilly bed an transplanting a rose. Not a big problem since we have plenty of garden space to fill. I began laying out the area off the sunken garden which will transition this space "up" to the side brick terrace courtyard, This courtyard will be 20x25 foot space and be surrounded by retaining wall planters. The center of that space will have a fountain. It should be a great space for entertaining and relaxing. So what Ive been hoping know is working on prep for the area where the 5 foot wide limestone steps will be that will lead you up from the sunken garden to the side terrace area. Taming sloping yard like ours takes a lot of planning and we have to engineer proper drainage to make sure the water goes to the garden area rather than off site. From front to back of our lot we have a over 20 foot ruse in elevation. The next step will be the removal of a couple of scrub trees once those our out it will be mini bulldozer and rototiller time to get site prep done!
The little things count when you are doing a huge restoration project like ours. Over the weekend I installed the porch light we bought a couple of weeks ago!

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tom said...

I was in the area to visit Gable and stopped by Knox Hills, also partly to see 1879 Knox. Now that the terrace had a shave, the awesome pumpkin Second Empire shines like a beacon. Fantastic and gorgeous work, gentleman.