Monday, May 24, 2010

Knox Hill Project : Weekly Update

The third "Sky" panel has been completed on the ceiling. Just one more to go and I can then get back to the stenciling and trim installations in the formal parlor The more that gets done of this the more I like the overall look. Restoration of the original stenciled frieze is certainly a time consuming process.

The neighborhood is definitely changing thanks to our efforts even though it might be hard to see for people that don't live here. I had one of our neighbors stop by this week who has lived in the neighborhood for over 35 years. We were out working on the gardens and she just stopped by to say hi and how she was so glad to see someone restoring in the neighborhood. Our neighbor across the street, whose in her 80's was sitting on her front porch with another elderly neighbor from down the street. The idea of people "visiting" has returned to the neighborhood. Many of the elderly were simply afraid to venture outside a couple of years ago.
Last fall we did some work on the sidewalk green spaces in front of our house. Basically just removal of overgrown honeysuckle and a little mulch. This year we ventured to start taking things to the next level with actually landscaping and planting the area. This helps send a 'message' that the area is improving. This area will fill in nicely as it matures and provide some nice color besides giving the front a more finished look. We used Bleeding Heart, some correopsis and some pygmy Barberry as main planting.
The terrace garden is filling in nicely and we added some carpathean bellflower plants and some peach leaf bellflower into the overall mix. There was a empty spot that "needed something" and those plants were on sale.
The sunken garden/raised bed areas are basically all shade plants and the hostas must like it because they are huge! Cant wait to get the pond liner and waterfall pump in but there are more pressing projects.
One of those "pressing projects' involved moving some limestone steps from the font yard over and up the side yard where they can be staged for eventual install. AS they say its all uphill and it was certainly an uphill battle to move the behemoths. We used an Egyptian approach and rolled them up the hill by placing pipes under them and moving them up as we went up the hill. We were able to move this huge step about 35 feet in 1 hour. Its amazing to me how they did all this stone moving back in the Victorian day. Amazing when you consider that all this stone had to be brought up know hill and everything was done by hand once the horses and wagons got it on site.

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