Tuesday, May 4, 2010

UPDATE: Hannaford designed mansion back on market

The Samuel Hannaford Designed landmark Mansion at 965 Burton street is back on the real estate market. Regular readers may recall this house was at the center of controversy last year when a company called "ResErections" tried to market the 25 room 13 bedroom mansion for a couple of million, DISASSEMBLED and shipped anywhere in the US.

This sparked outrage at the idea of local landmark being disassembled. ResErections demise appears to be after they were marketing a Louisville landmark without the owners knowledge. I notified local Louisville Preservationists. The website quickly shut down when Louisville preservationist and it's architect owner, threatened legal action .

In the latest chapter of the saga of the Samuel Hannaford designed Mansion, the property is on the market one more time at 84,950.00. The house needs EVERYTHING and will be a most challenging restoration even for a seasoned restorer.

The house is listed by William Huwel 513-777-7900, COLDWELL BANKER WEST SHELL, 513-777-7900.

Whether or not someone steps forward to by this landmark mansion remains to be seen but it could well be the final chapter for the Hannaford designed Cincinnati landmark if no one steps forward to restore it. there is restoration in the area but it will take a brave soul to take the task of restoration on.

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St Charles said...

Paul Are there any pictures of the inside? Thanks