Thursday, May 20, 2010

Westside Residents will hold "Slumlord Protest" today at 5:30

The owner of the troubled apartment building at Sarvis and Harrison will get a "Personal Visit" by west side residents today at 5:30.

Abe Messer, owner of the building has been invited to community council meetings on several occasions but refuses to attend so residents are coming to him! The protest will be held Thursday May 20, 2010 around 5:15-5:30 at the corner of Fields Ertel Rd and Stonebridge Way.

Messer has been at the center of controversy due to his lack of screening of residents for the apartment building he owns at that location. Nearby neighbors claim that not only have their ability to enjoy peace and quiet enjoyment of their neighborhood have been compromised but also those neighors have been threatened by tenants and vistors to the tenants of that troubled building whcih has been the suject of numerous police runs.

In fact this week the neighbors of the building are going to court due to allegations that one on Mr. Abe Messer's tenants threatened their lives!!!

This 'In your face' approach has been very successful in shining media attention on the issue of problem property owners who often think they are "immune' from dealing with maintenance or screening of their tenants.

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