Friday, June 18, 2010

Cincinnati "Nuisance Hearing" for June 25th

The Nuisance Hearing Board, also known to Preservationists as the Historic Death Panel will meet on June 25th at 9:00 AM in the Main Conference Room, First Floor, Business Development and Permit Center, 3300 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio. Anyone may appear at the hearing and present pertinent testimony that may assist the Director of Buildings and Inspections to determine whether or not the buildings do, in fact, constitute a public nuisance and shall be razed.

For comments or questions regarding Section 106 reviews, eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places, or other matters relating to historic conservation, please contact the Urban Conservator at or 513-352-4848 within seven days of the publication of this notice.
3573 Glenwood is a high style Italianate Mansion which I imagine if preservationists were ALLOWED THE TIME to research probably has important ownership or history. Certainly based on its detailing the house is restorable and certainly historic eligible. I wonder if this will be rubber stamped by the Urban Conservator as having no value?

It should be Noted FOR THE RECORD that these notices were emailed on the 10th which only provides SEVEN DAYS for anyone to raise concerns about the historic nature of any structure on this list. Clearly Violating the programmatic agreement about proper notification of the general public regarding comments on federally funded projects., and YES I have forwarded this list to OHPO to add to our ever growing complaint against the City of Cincinnati.

No doubt all of these properties have been "rubber stamped' by our Urban Conservator Larry Harris for demolition but feel free to call him and share your thoughts about the 'fine' job he is doing.
1411 Ryland appears like it may be a much earlier house that has a remodel during the late Victorian Era based on the Italianate style porch. Once again if it were researched probably dates to the 1860's, maybe earlier.

The List:

3546 Van Antwerp Pl - Book-Plat-Parcel 0112-0006-0016
3573 Glenwood Pl - Book-Plat-Parcel 0108-0001-0115
3620 Borden St - Book-Plat-Parcel 0193-0004-0089
1411 Ryland Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0117-0006-0051
830 Blair Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0107-0010-0089.
2735 Faber Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0207-0053-0008
1283 1st Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0179-0074-0239
3416 W 8th St - Book-Plat-Parcel 0176-0019-0177
1275 1st Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0179-0074-0241
3630 Wabash Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0057-0003-0049
2941 Mcmicken Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0098-0001-0088
925 Woodlawn Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0175-0018-0152
814 Cleveland Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0107-0010-0106
1584 Tremont Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0202-0031-0061
959 Windsor St - Book-Plat-Parcel 0069-0002-0091

If these 15 properties are declared a nuisance (which they always are despite people coming to the hearing and arguing that they should be saved) It will represent the loss of roughly 1.2 million in tax base loss , will cost an average of 14,000 to demo ,and these will join the thousand or so properties already on the list. When demoed the neighborhood will be left with undevelopable vacant lots which will sit for decades and cost we the taxpayers even more money to cut the grass and pick up after illegal dumping.

Be sure to let our estemed Urban Conservator Mr Larry Harris, know your thoughts 513-352-4848.


St Charles said...

Paul are these houses in Knox Hill??

Paul Wilham said...

No "surprisingly" all these houses are in other neighborhoods. The closest is on Tremont and I surveyed it and its not a contributing structure (its on the market for 50K) Probably restorable but it priced too high for where its at but it has great views.

The two I pictured are definity historic eligible buildings and should be saved.

St Charles said...

How do you buy these Paul??

Paul Wilham said...

You can go online to the Hamilton County Auditors website and do a property search by address or parcel number from which you can get the owners name and mailing address or lending institution if its bank owned.

From there you have to track them down. Most of these people, facing demolition are wiling to sell by this point.

St Charles said...

Check out 1283 First Avenue It is very cute and does not look to be in bad shape. Look at it on Google Maps.