Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cincinnati: West Side History: Riverside

As part of the lead up to the West side Preservation summit, June 5th at the Westwood Library, we have been covering the history of west side neighborhoods Today we take a look at Riverside.

Riverside is a far west neighborhood many locals do not know about. They might know where it is but could not tell you much about the history of it.

David Sedam built his house and called it "Riverside" . As the area between the bluffs and the river became settled the area became known as Riverside. The community lies west of Sedamsville towards Anderson ferry.

Riverside was actually platted in the early 1800's on lands owned by Ethan Stone, Cornelius Sedam and Mrs Jerimiah Reeder who was the daughter of Judge Timothy Symmes. Early history indicates that A.L And D.O. Reeder laid out and sold blocks of lots in the river bottom land in 1847.

The recurring floods and the railroad made the lower river areas ill suited for housing. People began to move up from the river and settle on the bluffs.

Riverside was incorporated in 1867 and eventually annexed to the city

The area was once the most exclusive of areas with grand houses and Vineyards. Many of the grand homes were demolished in the 1930 such as Judge Wrights home which was demoed in 1937 and had small bungalows built on the site. The shortsightedness of removal of "blight" in the name of "progress" has changed Riverside as only a handful of the once grand mansions, some of the earliest structures in Cincinnati Remain.

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