Thursday, June 10, 2010

Irish Cliffs Apartments will be demolished.

For a change the city is using demolition funds on something that actually is "blighted' has no historic value and will improve the neighborhood.

The dreaded Irish Cliffs Apartments a local eyesore and crime spot for years is coming down, a demolition permit has been applied for and demo should take place shortly.

Knox Hill hopes the city will not let this area become an overgrown parking lot and hopes to approach city officials about a possible beautification project along the city right of way.


St Charles said...

Congratulations on ridding your neighborhood of a slumlord and an eyesore. We have one in our neighborhood that caught fire. Someone died in it and the City is just letting the owner say he plans to fix it with no start date. How did you get the City to get it done is the question your post leaves unanswered.

tom said...

Good-bye Irish Cliffs! Now what about that huge boarded-up building around 2700 Harrison Ave?

rose may said...

That is quite a good news, I'm so glad to hear that. It if has been a consistent crime spot, then, there are more reasons to demolish it.
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