Monday, June 7, 2010

Knox Hill Project Weekly update

The Renaissance sky murals are finally complete in the front formal parlor. Now I can move on to the next phase which is the completion of the stencil restoration. That will take many more hours of work!
A couple of you has asked about the archway between the parlor and dining room since work seemed to stall on it. Well it hasn't really stalled, its just most of the work is being done in my shop. I am duplicating the above detail for that opening from the above example. The same detail will be between the dining room and the stair entry hall. Lots of custom millwork going on behind the scenes right now.

Work is progressing in the basement with the floor removal and getting things ready for the new concrete pour. In other news the Lillys are a blooming, and they match the house too!

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St Charles said...

The archway is so lovely it makes my heart soar! Thanks for the picture!