Monday, June 21, 2010

Knox Hill Restoration Project: Weekly Update

A special thanks to my neighbor Mark for this night photo he took shooting the house in illuminated at night. Puts a nice glow on things and I like the way the Fret Cutouts on the porch show up at night.
We are working away on the basement getting the last of 139 years of junk and remuddle out of the way We still however have coal bin that is pretty full of coal that must be removed.
Regular readers may note a big change on the front parlor. After looking at it for some time I decided the Mahogany color below the chair rail just made the room too dark and small and was too much of a contrast to the sky murals and stencil restoration on the frieze and ceilings. So we took the False Cypress color (Behr 460F-4 Flat) used in the frieze and began painting the lower wainscot are. It will take a couple of coats and yes I am working on just how that area will be stenciled in keeping with the original Neo Grec designed we found underneath layers of paint.

More planting outside (in spite of the heat) working on small planting bed in front of the house.

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