Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Victorian Ornamentation: Roof Cresting

Leland Stamford Mansion California ( )

Oh but to have a house like this! The Victorians believed in ornamentation (sometimes to the excess) and extended that ornamentation all the way to the roof with elaborate cast iron cresting which could often be seen all over roof lines. especially those in the Second Empire style.

While I still see an occasional piece here and there on roof lines in Cincinnati, most of it has been lost over the years. Mostly because years later when roofs needed replacement it was viewed as "old fashioned". More was lost during the metal drives of WW2 when people were encouraged to take it off and donate it to the war effort so it could be melted down.

In Cincinnati much of the roof cresting was made by the Wm. Resor & Company which was located at 2619 Colerain. That company was best known for its wood burning stoves.
This Dayton Street Home may be one of the more recognizable homes in the city still retains its cast iron cresting which is literally "icing on top of this Victorian cake".
Fortunately for restorers several companies now manufacture roof cresting and some offer duplication services, so once again your house can shine again. Probably the best known resources is capital roof cresting but there are dozens of others on the net.

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