Friday, July 16, 2010

Cincinnati Nuisance Hearing: PRESERVATION ALERT!

934 Chateau was once a Grand Mansion, despite its current run down appearance after conversion to apartments, is an architectural tour de force with projecting front square bay, Brick 1st floor extremely rare patterned flared base shingling on the second floor capped by a French Second Empire Roofline. This 6543 square foot mansion in the Incline District is bank owned and on the real estate market right now for 19,900 and is in the Incline District area of Price Hill and has a commanding view.

Our misguided city government, in their never ending attempt to destroy the historic neighborhoods of Cincinnati and using our Federal tax dollars has yet another meeting of the Nuisance Board (aka Historic Death Panel), while most forward thinking cities would use their Federal money to mothball or stabilize these properties our misguided government will demo. Many of these homes are in foreclosure and you Federal monies have already been spent by Fannie Mae, HUD, and Freddie Mac, to guarantee these loans and pay the banks off. The vast majority of these properties are historic have merit are restorable and in most other cities would be saved. If you would like to save one here is the list.
1665 Harrison is an intact Italianate Brick Townhome with excellent details and elaborate cornice. This house overlooks the proposed park that will be created with the daylighting of Lick Run Creek. This house clearly is historic eligible under Federal section 106 guidelines. Can our urban conservator see this?

All persons are hereby notified that the buildings listed below will be the subject of a public hearing at 9:00 AM on July 30, 2010 in the Main Conference Room, First Floor, Business Development and Permit Center, 3300 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio. Anyone may appear at the hearing and present pertinent testimony that may assist the Director of Buildings and Inspections to determine whether or not the buildings do, in fact, constitute a public nuisance and shall be razed.

For comments or questions regarding Section 106 reviews, eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places, or other matters relating to historic conservation, please contact the Urban Conservator at or 513-352-4848 within seven days of the publication of this notice.

1816 Huron Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0054-0004-0002
1992 Harrison Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0206-0007-0006
446 Crestline Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0177-0034-0048
815 Chateau Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0175-0016-0039
1633 Denham St - Book-Plat-Parcel 0202-0040-0307
304 Erkenbrecher Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0113-0004-0094
3514 W 8th St - Book-Plat-Parcel 0176-0019-0195
1665 Harrison Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0203-0030-0098
674 Hawthorne Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0178-0026-0083
451 Considine Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0177-0035-0131
1022 Sturm St - Book-Plat-Parcel 0174-0008-0227
911 Chateau Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0175-0016-0046
813 Summit Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0175-0016-0025
943 Chateau Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0175-0016-0056.
911 Chateau Ave features brick first floor a patterned shingle second floor and some high end half timbering on the gables. This house is on the market for 7000.00 and has a complete interior with original woodwork and fireplaces. Why would anyone want to demo this house which is an easy restoration?

It costs you the taxpayer between 10-14000.00 to demo a house. The city rarely , if ever, collects this cost. A vacant lot remains that typically becomes a dumping ground causing further deterioration of a neighborhood. The assessed value of these properties is $ 709,250.00 , these properties generate an annual tax revenue for the county of $24792.50. Feel free to let your city councilman and the mayor know how you feel about this wasteful spending of tax dollars


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Mr. Wilham,
I loaded the addresses from the Preservation Alert into Google Maps so readers can easily see where these properties are located in the city. I have noticed that Gmaps is also loading the data from the MLS when you drill down to look at each property so readers can get an idea of pricing. Hope this is of some help.


Preservation Alert map

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Great idea and a useful tool

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