Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains: SAVE THIS HOUSE!

Unless someone steps forward to save it, it is very likely that this historic home will be demolished by the city. The home is under a nuisance declaration.

1411 Ryland is a very old house, The cast iron fireplaces and its to the to the floor windows in the front parlor are clues to just how old this house is. The brackets are still on the front porch although it will need new columns.
This classic Brick home will need a top to bottom restoration and can be returned to the very elegant home it once was. 9 rooms,4 bedrooms and 2 baths this Bond Hill home needs a "Preservation Hero' to come forth and save it. There is restoration in the neighborhood and you too can be part of the neighborhoods rebirth. The home sits on a 33x108 foot lot and the property taxes are less than 400.00 a year!

A bank owned foreclosure this once elegant home is offered at ONLY 7500.00! that's less than the cost of a vacant lot in some parts of Cincinnati. MLS#1230931 offered by Christopher Stevens 614-682-8000, ALTISOURCE HOMES, 614-682-8000

Do you know of a Preservation bargain? A historic home that just needs someone to come forward and restore it? If so send the details to and we may feature it here. Since we began this series several homes are now under restoration , saved from demolition or some slumlords clutches. Saving Cincinnati one house at a time.


Karen Anne said...

What the heck did they do to those windows? I thought I'd seen everything.

Paul Wilham said...

I think it was an attempt at 'security'. For what they spent on all that glass block they could have put in an alarm system.

Radarman said...

I believe this is one of the original houses in the craftsman commune that was established in Bond Hill. If so, the whole district should probably get historic designation.

St Charles said...

Those windows are a hoot.