Monday, July 19, 2010

Knox Hill project: Weekly Update

There is something relaxing about listening to classical music and stencilling, it puts you 'in the groove' so to speak and its amazing just how much area you can cover. Such was the case Sunday as I worked on the frieze restoration in the Formal Parlor of the Knox Hill Cottage. I managed to complete the lower section of the frieze that runs beneath the hanging rail. This area is stencilled in the wall "fill" color and helps tie the wall area to the frieze.
I also finished the stenciling on the ceiling medallion and the "bands' that radiate from it. Overall I am pleased with the results to date, and as you step in the room it is very much 'stepping back in time. I am finalizing the design for the period style drapery treatments and portiers for the room. I still have the additional gold band trim that will be right below the frieze and another small cove/crown trim that separates the wall from ceiling. I think the end result will pay homage to the original stencil and be very much in keeping with the high Renaissance style planned for the room. I can see that day that the room is filled to the brim with Victorian furnishings. The room definitely has more 'height' as a result of the stencilling and the transformation from the plain white to now is like night and day.
Work continues in the stairhall and I have completed one of the ball and stick fretwork panels for the a stairhall. At this point I have to build the "frame assembly" and finish stain work.

Tomorrow, barring some 'preservation emergency', I will discuss the construction of a ebonized drapery cornice and stencilling.

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St Charles said...

It is just beautiful. Just makes your heart soar