Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Restorers Resources: Victorian era shutters

Shutters have along history and interior shutters go back to medieval times. They were popular in colonial times as well, often called plantation shutters. Yet Shutters , both interior and exterior were very popular in the Victorian era.
Since our house was originally built as a weekend/summer cottage shutters were used to "close the house up" when it was not in use. A rare photo of our house shows the original shutters which were solid on the bottom and louvered on top. This allowed for total privacy when closed but still allowed light to enter at a level higher than a passer by could see in to the house.

In addition to my building brand new period wood windows for my house, I also have the task of building shutters. Of course I have a complete wood shop. Most will need to find a resource and today there are several companies that build period shutter and even sell the appropriate period hardware.

Shutters must be sized correctly, unlike suburban houses in which they are plastic "things' screwed into a wall to add some "design" to a boring tract home, real Victorian shutters were functional and in today's energy conscious world shutters are 'green' as they can reduce heating and cooling costs.

There are several manufacturers of quality products out there:


CityKin said...

Tim Jensen, Cincinnati Wood Products, located in Camp Washington, is an excellent cabinet maker who will make exact replicas of sash and shutters.

2644 Colerain Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

Viola said...

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