Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Victorian living: Urban Parking Solutions

Isn't this about the coolest thing you ever saw?

Ask most people about the drawbacks to Urban living and one of the first things they will say is " I need my car, and I don't want to park on a city street." Or, "we have two cars and every house we look at is 15 feet wide and there isn't room for a two car garage out back.
Most urban homes were built well before the invention of the automobile and the most we can hope for is a 1 car carriage house and we still live in a two car world. But now there are some options to consider. Like the underground parking with patio above. Total security , "who'd look for a car underground? and it allows the urban homeowner to maintain limited yard space.
Car lifts have been a staple for car collectors for many years now and the prices have come down substantially. They come in various configurations , four post, two-post, side lift and scissors, prices start at about 2000.00 for a respectable unit, even the higher end units run 5-7K and that's far less than you can add another 1 car garage (assuming you had the space anyway.)
Of course this means new issues for Urban planners and permit departments, but it offers new solutions and makes owning ahistoric home more viable.


Quimbob said...

In that first example you could probably connect the "garage" to the basement via a tunnel.
No more mad dashes to the car in the rain.
Snow & ice might be an issue, tho.

Paul Wilham said...

I'm consulting on a project right now that involves a garage built into the hillside with a roof patio on the lot next door to their house and we plan on connecting it to the main house with a short 8 foot tunnel so they do not have to have an outside service door.

Apparently ice and snow isn't an issue with those lifts. The manufactuer of those lifts is in the UK and they get snow and ice all the time.

Now I am planning lifts in our new garage because I have classic cars. So we have 4 cars and I'm not building a 4 car garage (not enough space).

But yeah that patio with a underground garage is the ultimate toy.

Karen Anne said...

Dear Boss, I am not coming into work today. There was a power failure and my car is inaccessible/we had a lot of rain and the underground storage flooded.