Friday, August 20, 2010

Cincinnati Nuisance Board (DEMO) Hearing August 27th

The Cincinnati Nuisance Board," AKA Historic Death Panel", will hold another Hearing on August 27.

All persons are hereby notified that the buildings listed below will be the subject of a Public Hearing at 9:00 AM on August 27, 2010 in the Main Conference Room, First Floor, Business Development and Permit Center, 3300 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio. Anyone may appear at the hearing and present pertinent testimony that may assist the Director of Buildings and Inspections to determine whether or not the buildings do, in fact, constitute a public nuisance and shall be razed.

For comments or questions regarding Section 106 reviews, eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places, or other matters relating to historic conservation, please contact the Urban Conservator at or 513-352-4848 within seven days of the publication of this notice

1937 Dana still maintains its original clapboard siding,front band between second floor and front facing gable and intact "balcony" trimwork in front of the gable window. WHY DEMO THIS?

1937 Dana Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0057-0003-0018

2015 Weron Ln - Book-Plat-Parcel 0224-0001-0154
247 Renner St - Book-Plat-Parcel 0095-0002-0046
1823 Westwood Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0205-0021-0148
3712 Mead is a prime example of a perfectly fine "mothballed structure" The clapboards are painted and its secure. Note the building has most of its original windows. All its facade need is a new reconstucted porch.

3712 Mead Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0029-0002-0065
1662 Iliff Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0181-0001-0335
2323 Iroll Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0224-0003-0006
1610 Rosemont Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0181-0001-0224
3221 McHenry Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0207-0052-0024
4948 Glenway Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0183-0002-0417
1409 Marlowe Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0233-0004-0048
823 State Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0149-0013-0048
27 E McMillan St - Book-Plat-Parcel 0089-0004-0069
1717 Freeman. There is, quite frankly NO REASON to demolish a solid brick High style Italianate Townhouse like this. The property has elaborate arched windows and the top cornice can be recreated. In ANY other city there would be a huge outcry over this. Does this city not care about its History?The Urban conservator CAN NOT make a case that this is not Historic eligible!

1717 Freeman Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0184-0004-0074

1565 Tremont is an intact Italianate townhouse that is part of a historic cluster of townhouses.The house has its original 2 over 2 windows and original cornice. Certainly meeting Historic eligibility under section 106

1565 Tremont Av - Book-Plat-Parcel 0202-0031-0083
789 Wells features Second Empire Architecture, some of the most highly coveted and most valuable architecture. All this house really needs is cleanup and removal of the obviously later porch to be original. It has all its Tin work trim, Original patterned slate roof and can be a very easy and attractive restoration.Cut the grass and leave this HISTORIC HOUSE ALONE!

789 Wells St - Book-Plat-Parcel 0176-0019-0112

2316 Victory Pkwy - Book-Plat-Parcel 0063-0003-0117
The average cost to demo a house is between 10-15000.00. Your federal tax dollars are largely used for it. The vacant lots left behind most likely will become 'dumping grounds', creating a new set of problems for neighborhoods. The city does not attempt to acquire these lots nor recoup your tax dollars by taking the owner to court. The county tax base is reduced by MILLIONS of Dollars by these demolitions. If you are upset about this be sure to call your city councilman and Larry Harris, the Urban Conservator, and tell them about how you feel.

I will be forwarding today's blog to OHPO and HUD and advise them that if the 5 properties shown in this piece are declared a nuisance and set for demo we want to know specifically why and we want the Urban Conservator to be able to provide complete documentation of how his "decisions" were reached? ENOUGH RUBBER STAMPING!


Michael said...

Here is the map for the properties listed. I wish I could do more to save these places.

Map of properties that could be put on the DEMO list!

Paul Wilham said...

Great map!!!! I posted my blog today to my facebook news feed and I just mentioned your wonderful map. Really puts into perspective where these are concentrated.