Monday, August 9, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Work has now progressed to the walls of the formal Parlor after way too long stencilling the frieze and completing the mural work on the ceiling.
Part of the "wall work' is the installation of the Small Gold leafed Crown and the install of a smaller trim piece right below the frieze stencil to separate it from the main wall. We are also installing the chair rail that surrounds the room.
The wall stencilling is much simpler than the frieze. I simply took one element of the frieze and made it a single image that is turned to a 45 degree. This makes the 'corner block' of the wall panel. The "corner blocks" are then connected with a small line about 1/4 in width. The 'pinstipe' is done by simply taping off a line then painting with the stencil brush with the same 'pouncing motion" as the stencil design.
Once the base panels are complete I will study the areas to decide it additional 'weight' need to be applied to the "dado area" (below the chair rail) or if things look good as they are.

Of course the 'usual yard work' continues and we are still trying to find a tree service to take down the dead tree in the front yard, if anyone knows a good tree service ( not some guy with chainsaw and no insurance) let us know. The city is getting ready to reline our main sewer line at the street, once that is done we will get the plumber contractor in to check our main line with a camera and see if we need to replace it. Once we have that scope of work finished out the plumber can pull his permits.

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