Monday, August 16, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Stencilling (what else?) continues in the front formal parlor and the room is now taking on its period 1871 feel. using the single "corner block' stencil we have been outlining the corners both above and below the chair rail. The fine pinstripe is created between the corners using masking tape (and lots of measuring). We are getting "dangerously close' to finishing the wall phase of the Parlour restore.

After a year of looking at a bare bulb that hung from the ceiling which we put up after removing the 1920 light fixture a period converted to electric gasolier now hangs from the medallion. This is not the final light which will be a eight-lamp electro gasolier but for the moment it will do.
Later this week we will be releasing a new set of stencils that will include a larger version of the design that is used to make the ceiling medallion design and the mirrored panel design as well as the corner block.

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