Monday, August 23, 2010

Knox Hill Project Weekly update

As I put the last stenciled design on the parlour, I realized I am FINALLY done with this project! Of course there will be minor detailing with a fine line brush but hauling the stencil kits and paints back and forth is pretty much over.
Parlor before: One of the reasons its important to take lots of photos is you won't remember just "how bad" that old room was. I keep my photos sorted by date so I can go back and refresh my memory as to how far my restoration has come.
The ceiling design takes elements from the frieze design and they are re-arranged in a complimentary way.

Uncovering this original Victorian Neo Grec design frieze was nothing short of remarkable and had the artist who did the stencilling in the 1870's not protected his work with shellac, it might not have ever been discovered given the several layers of paint. Discoveries like this are , frankly rare, especially in a cottage. Were it not for the fact that this home was built by someone of wealth with the ability to contract an artisan to come out to the middle of nowhere (remember this was a several hour ride across the Mill Creek valley and up the hill in the1870's). we will never know the artist who created his design but their work lives on with a little of my own creation with the complimentary ceiling work and wall stencils.
Taking a single element from the frieze and placing it on the 45, I created these "corner blocks' which frame the various panels

So now on to detail stuff like installing the rest of the crown trim and window trim for the front window but this phase is done and we now move on.

Here I took a element from the ceiling design the "banding panels" and placed it below this window which helps unite elements from the ceiling work with the lower parts of the design.

Tomorrow will be the roll out of the ceiling and wall stencil sets. I know I planned on having this out last week but I wanted to have some stock ready for the initial roll out. When we first released the frieze set I had no idea this would be so popular. Plus right now Fall and inside projects are being planned by people so if you want to create your own Knox Hill Parlor, the stencils are available.


fordmw said...

Awesome work, Paul. Looks fabulous...


Karen Anne said...

Yes. And what about the curtain? drape? I spy in the third photo? Did you write about that?

Paul Wilham said...

The Drapes are just something I had around. I am working on some very elaborate drapery treatments for the room.

Donald said...

Beautiful work, Paul. The stencils look great!