Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly update

I am not much on Capital Punishment but I firmly believe anyone who paints a floor with battleship gray paint should be shot! I decided after getting all the stenciling done that I could no longer look at that ugly painted floor.. Although we plan on ultimately install a banded inlaid Parquet floor in the parlor and the dining room, it is too early in restoration to put down finished floors So began the 'process' of removing the paint from the floor. It doesn't look too bad.........just time consuming as usual!

Also I decided to use a more 'green' method of doing it and I chose a product called citrus strip. Its non toxic and overall seems to do an excellent job on the paint removal phase of the operation. It does take some extra elbow grease, and much steel wool,  to  actually get the shellac off the wood , As was expected there was evidence that the home originally had a center rug , probably followed by a decorative linoleum. Linoleum should not be confused with the wall to wall variety you see today. This would have been a decorative linoleum that was designed to occupy the center of a room. As was also the custom as part of spring cleaning the floor that surrounded it was shellaced, meaning the outside border has a heavy coat of it built up in layers over the years which gives the floor its reddish oak appearance.

Its getting there and we made remarkable progress getting it off over the weekend.

 On another front we have been working on the west wall of the house and scrapping and patching the wood siding. As you may recall the house was covered in 20 era siding and we have a number of nail holes  that had to be filled. While I used caulk in most areas, I used a auto body filler for the nail holes  as it provides a better repair than caulk. Other than some minor replacements, the siding was really great on this side.

So after weeks of 'fun', work with the stencil project we  get back to the real world of nuts and bolts restoration work.

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