Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Knox Hill project : Weekly Update

This was delayed due to all the pressing neighborhood issues:. Work has been progressing . Saturday we took a day off to explore the  Hatch Mansion and Gazlay mansion on Dayton street.The floor work appears to be a multi step process.

The best process that seems to work is to use the Citrus strip which does a really did job of removing the battleship gray paint on the floor. However it does not do that great a job on the several coats of shellac that are under that.

After testing several things, formbys, Liqui strip etc, the best thing I have found to actually dissolve the shellac is denatured alcohol applied with a steel wool pad. It seems to dissolve it enough to allow for removal.

The next step seems to be to take a palm sander (60 grit),  and run it lightly over that which seems to set any leftovers.

One more light application of the citristrip after that and you are down to a clean floor.

But boy is this a lot of work!

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