Monday, September 20, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Fall is coming and we turned much of our recent efforts outside.Specifically the West side of the house and siding prep and painting.

Overall the siding is in surprisingly good shape considering this is western exposure which gets the bulk of the  rain and snow. Some minor siding repairs are necessary here and there like around the dianond window, but probably 98 percent of the wood is in great shape.
Greg is working on filling the nail holes left from the siding removal

Filling the nail holes from the 1920's era mineral wool siding is taking some time as we are caulking as you normally would but nail holes are being filled with an acrylic bondo material which provides a much better fill of the nail holes.

We are applying the base coat which is actually a tinted primer. That will be followed by 2-3 topcoats in the "lily or Pumpkin" color (La Fonda Copper 2008-5A) A National Trust Historic Valspar color. At this stage it looks like we are on track to get all the exterior work finished before cold weather.
The arch frame installed between dining room and the staircase entry hall by the side door. Of course this mist be trimmed out but it adds a sense of height to the rooms

Inside, floor work continues and I installed the arch frame , like the one in the parlor. This leads from the formal dining into the stair hall..

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