Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

All the 20's siding gone!
  That touch of fall is in the air already, so work is continuing on getting the outside buttoned up for cold weather. The LAST of the 1920's siding is gone and the house is again visible with its 1871 siding in relatively good shape!
Great view looking west of the valley

We were able to get the upper siding off easily from the roof.. I always enjoy going up there as we have such an expansive view from up there. In about another week or two the view is so colorful as the leaves change. I cant wait fir the day we get our rooftop deck.
The rest of the painting is going quickly now
 Now that all the siding is exposed scraping and filling is going quickly and we are beginning to get things painted quickly. Ive already custom cut the drip edges and they should be ready for install once we get the body siding done. Then we can install the drip edge paint the bottom band boards and paint the stone which only needs minor tuck pointing.

In other news we went to our latest phase of "fighting the VBML battle" by our attendance at a conference with the hearing examiner. It was quite a joke with the city inspector presenting photographic evidence of high weeds and a Hornets nest that was actually on the City right of way and not on our property as an example of how we are "failing to maintain" our property. The continual objections by the city attorney ( I thought she was gong to turn blue in the face) tell me I am really striking nerves as they made every attempt to suppress evidence of the failure of city employees to do their job properly and REALLY follow the VBML ordinance.Eventually we will get this issue before a  REAL court of law.

This is clearly an attempt by the city to try to get me to be silent about our Federal HUD complaint on the lack of improper section 106 review and our collecting petition signatures to seek a serious rewrite or elimination of the VBML ordinance which has become so corrupted in its use by the city Vacant Building Task Force team as to be a  dis-incentive to neighborhood turnaround. If the council doesn't address this issue soon, they may regret not dealing with it. Neighborhoods are fed up with discriminatory applications of VBML and the VBML being used as an 'escalation tool' rather that the city working on the more difficult job of early interventions with real inspections. I have the time and the money and a lot of support, to take this to the Federal Court level if need be. We need preservation and restoration in Cincinnati not a blight=bulldoze mentality and a Federal Funds addicted city government that uses demolition as a way to supplement their staffing budgets. Note to city: I am not 'shutting up', I can not be bullied and I will not be treated like a criminal.  I am not afraid to take on corrupt policies and you are only causing greater "escalation" of your problem with federal officials..

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