Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEW SERIES: Cincinnati Preservation HERO'S!

There are many people who have passion for historic preservation. Most of you who read this blog are probably people who care about Preservation and restoring old houses.

Preservation Hero's are people who are "making a difference , whose actions and abilities make areal difference in making the City of Cincinnati the place it should be. These people are often behind the scenes and do what they do out of of the love and history of this city., but are seldom recognizes. That is the reason from time to time I will honor those people here so they receive the recognition they so aptly deserve.

Our first Preservation Hero is Bop Prokop. Bob is the tireless force behind the Save the Gamble Estate Facebook Page. Without Bob's dedication there is no doubt in my mind that the Gamble House would be in a landfill by now.

Bob is part of the new wave of Cincinnati preservationists. Bob, originally from New Jersey selected Cincinnati as his home because he appreciates the rich history and architecture of the city.

Bob lives in Westwood in a fine Tudor Home and is active in both Westwood concern and "Good Guys Loitering. Bob has spent thousands of hours on the Save the Gamble Estate facebook project and in addition to keeping the troops fired up, he has attended every meeting, every event ,and has shown a high level of determination to what Preservationists across the country now view as national Treasure, the Gamble House thanks to his effort to promote it and raise interest in its historic value. Bob also actively supports bringing new people to the westside and can often be found passing along information of the city data site.

Bob is a rare individual and we need 10,000 more just like him. Thanks Bob for all you do!

Do you know of  a "Preservation Hero'? someone whom is making a real difference in Cincinnati preservation? if so let me know at and we might feature them here.

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St Charles said...

Congratulations Bob Your efforts and persistence will benefit Generations to come. Mr. Gamble would be proud.