Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preservationists Monitoring Gamble House

Preservationist from across the country are carefully monitoring the activity that began yesterday at the Gamble Estate when heavy equipment showed up on site. Lots of rumors have been flying and I spent most of this morning trying to determine EXACTLY what is going on.

Here is what we actually 'Know'. A trench is being dug in order to move primary electrical service from the main house to the accessory structure.

City planning and permits is currently reviewing if permits are required for the escavation work taking place and according to two reliable sources, city inspectors will be on site to review the work being done and see if permits are needed.  Obviously they would need a permit for interior electrical work and a new service box if they intend to establish service at the accessory site.

There is no 'demolition' contractor on site, nor is there any approved demolition permit..

That is what we 'know" . What we can surmise is that there is some reason that electrical service would be moved. However, is currently appealing the VBML order and they have ongoing legal proceedings in a higher court.

If I recieve any updates, I will keep everyone posted.

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