Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Review: "Over-the-Rhine When Beer was King"

While I can tell you a lot about the architecture of Over the Rhine , I am not much of a "beer person", and could not tell you the difference between a Lager and an Ale. However, I found this book to be fascinating because it provided a more in depth view of Over the Rhine and why the Beer Industry was such an integral part of its early development.

The book also provides an insight into the rebirth of OTR and the Brewery district and I enjoyed the stories about the hunts for Lager cellars and the stories of their discoveries. The  amount of history in this book is impressive and  the depth of understanding of German Culture and how it shaped OTR gives one a real understanding of why OTR is the unique place it is. Its author, Mike Morgan, is well known to locals for his work with OTR Foundation and Bock Fest

 The book is well  illustrated with countess historical photos and illustrations depicting things like  the John Schmelzer & Sons refrigerated beer cooler. I also like the fact that this book has some current  color photos as far too many OTR books of this type rely exclusively on historic photos.

This is simply a great book and a good read for fans of beer, history or architecture. Published by The History Press www.historypress.net . The book is available from a variety of local resources  like The Brewery District Website  http://www.otrbrewerydistrict.org/   and of course Amazon and other Internet retailers.

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