Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Child living with registered sex offenders: City does nothing!

Today's blog is not about preservation or interior design. Its about a little girl. I debated on writing this but as I did not get the response I would expect from a city official I am making sure everyone knows about it because perhaps as a community we can get something done and maybe a small child will have a chance at a better life.

We have a registered sex offender in our neighborhood, in the 1800 Block of Knox. Not an uncommon situation they are in every neighborhood in this city. These "people' have to have place to live and I will not debate the merits of that. Every block has a 'problem property', certainly this one serves as our "Number 1". In addition to the registered sex offender there are at least 5 other people living in the house. One of those people is ANOTHER registered sex offender, and elderly man who was convicted of the rape of a minor child. Another individual is going to court soon for breaking and entering a house next door in order to run an electrical cord to the house when the electricity was turned off.. Its back on because :"Heroin boy Jack" as he is known in the neighborhood is running a con on some old man he befriended. I don't know what it involves but it got his power back on. The property was without running water for months. "Heroin Jack" has a street key and kept turning it on.  Finally they came in and put concrete in. The Neighborhood Association, seeing an opportunity, contacted building inspections, they came out issued an ultimatum  and somehow they scraped together the money to  get some  of  the back bill paid and the water back on. That was complaint number 8 in the two years hes been there, everything from trash and debris to junk vehicles. If this were Hyde Park he'd be long gone by now.....but its not. Police Runs are frequent to this address "Heroin Jack is in and out of our "revolving door' justice system. he is known to rant and rave when he is high and many of the elderly neighbors live in fear of him. Living in this 'cesspool' there is a 2 year old child.

Why I am personally fed up:

Its Saturday Morning, the day after they apparently had a big party. The old guy got his social security check and they all partied.  They are all still wide awake, no doubt from all the drugs they have been taking. We are working in our yard. I see a silver Alitma pull up. The MOTHER of this child goes out money and drugs are exchanged and she heads back inside.

"Heroin Jack" is bouncing around the neighborhood carrying the two year old. He puts her on his shoulders and is running about and he is obviously high. I decide I have to get some evidence and I tell Greg to take a picture in my direction of me working but to really try to get a snapshot of  "Heroin Jack" and the child.. After some attempts using the telephoto we get a shot of  "Heroin Jack" holding this child. I have intentionally blurred the photo here to protect the identity of the young girl .

Of you are like me you are probably sick to your stomach at the thought of this small child living in this drug house with two registered sex offender's and a mother who is buying drugs on the street. So I do what you would do I tell someone. In this case I emailed our local police liaison including the photo, and I cc'd city building inspections and Ron Wahl who works for Roxanne Qualls. credit where credit is due, Ron gets back to me almost immediately and informs me that he has forwarded my concern he let me know he forwarded this to the police and the prosecutor in charge of sex offenders.

I was not prepared for the response however I received from this city official Thomas Bierdon assistant city solicitor.

Because both men are currently not on Parole, nor Probation, they are registering every 90 days as they are required to do, and do not live within 100 ft of a school  the city can do NOTHING!

REALLY? a two year old child is living in a house  with a drug addicted mother and two registered sex offenders, numerous other people , all in a two bedroom house. There are numerous police runs to the address, the property has been cited numerous times for trash and debris and it's a known drug house.

I am just astounded by that! That's why I wrote about this today , in the hope that someone reading my blog knows somebody who can stop this. Apparently I don't have the right connections and the city could care less.


St Charles said...

Please call 513 946-1000 Option 1 and speak to Julie. Or Call 211 Kids.
They have to have an exact address of the location of the child. This is the child abuse hotline. I called and they indicated that not every sex offender is prohibited from being around children it depends on their classification.

St Charles said...

They will go out and investigate and if they are using drugs or the home is unsafe they will remove her or if the sex offenders status prohibits the child from being with children The child will be removed.

cintimary said...

For the record, a sex offender does not equal a pedophile. Nevertheless, it is a belief that virtually everyone seems to want to apply to someone with a sex offense, regardless. The response from the assistant city solicitor is correct. They are registering as required. Are you aware of them commiting any new sexual offenses? No. Therefore, I (the mother of someone who was rightly or wrongly convicted of a single sex offense) take umbrage with your headline.

Having said this -- the real issue here is illegal drugs (a police matter) and child endangering (a child protection services issue).

I commend you for trying to get these issues addressed and I hope that the above comments are directing you to social services for the child.

It is equally interesting to note that a silver Altima was involved in the drug buy. It has been observed in our neighborhood as well -- very close to the intersection of Werk and Harrison. Did you get a license number?

Paul Wilham said...

CPS has been informed regarding living conditions and criminal records indicate a contining drug problem at that address, so I am hopefull they will pursue.

For the record this particular sex offender has been observed 'propositioning' younger teen girls. The other sex offender was guilty of rape of a young minor child.

While I appreciate the position regarding one time offender , there is a high rate of re-offence.

As for the altima dont have a plate number, it appears to be a 'delivery' vehicle. Silver 4 door, sunroof, no bumper stickers, it does have an ohio plate but the photo was taken too far away. Our crime watch is working on getting an ID.

Eric Knight said...

I am Eric Knight, the media liaison for the Sex Offender Solutions and Education Network, located on the Internet at www.SOSEN.org. While your headline shouts "child living with sex offender", there are far more troubling questions that you didn't even answer.

Most important of all...WHO IS THE CHILD'S OFFICIAL GUARDIAN??

The fact that the girl is living with other sex offenders is actually less troubling than the fact that drugs are being used on a frequent basis in her presence. FAR more children's lives are destroyed due to the presence of drugs in their lives than that of molestation, and even less than of being around those convicted of molestation or other sex offenses.

Once you locate the parent/guardian, find out why the child is in an element that involves drugs in the first place. Now, it may be very well that the guardian may be one of the RSO's. The point, though, is that child is in danger from active drug activity, and must be removed immediately, and if the parent/guardian is involved, that person must be arrested and separated from the child for THAT reason.

If the RSO's are using drugs, especially if they are on parole, then they can be thrown back into the slammer. Even if they aren't using drugs, their association with such individuals is usually enough to get them questioned by the police, at the very least as a potential witness to crimes against the child involving drugs.

Finally, RSO's have a 3-5% recidivist rate. While I don't know the RSO's in question, most probably there is no sex offenses happening, but that aspect can easily be determined ONCE CPS comes in to investigate the drug activity.

For the sake of the child, I urge you to call CPS and concentrate on the drug activity involvement in conjunction with the child's living environment. That is a far greater problem then the existence of registered sex offenders whom are not actively breaking any laws, though that may be the case upon an active investigation.

Finally, I highly recommend people come to our site and look into the material and studies we have available to sex offender issues in general. Education, not hysteria, is the key, and until we actually rationalize such laws, we ironically make it MORE DANGEROUS by emphasizing dangers that don't exist, while ignoring the actual reasons for sex offending in the first place. Remember, every sex offenders was once NOT a sex offender.

Byron said...

the points about sex offenders not being "all bad" is well taken and should be made.

however, this is not a case of NIMBY. This is a case of an urban neighborhood that has been ignored by many for decades and has been subject to horrible cycles of poverty, crime, and decay. This is the type of neighborhood where historically no one says anything and criminal activities go about unquestioned and unreported because the residents have negative experiences with law enforcement and have neither the money nor time (they may be working two or three jobs at minimum wage) to learn the system and use it to make things better.

The Knox Hill association has said enough is enough and is beginning to change this. Putting information like this "out there" is a part of this.

So while there is a place for grand standing about sex-offenders-are-people-too, if you know the context of this situation you know that this is not the place!

Paul Wilham said...

Thank you Byron. Antone familiar with this situation knows that the house is filled with "criminal elements" not just sex offenders. One person was recently arrested for breaking into a house on the block. No one at this property has a job and seem to rely on criminal activity to support their drug habits.

Other neighbors have had to go to court and obtain restraining orders because they have been threatened by persons in that hosue when they are in one of their "drug induced states".

Credit where credit is due, the police depatrment is taking complaints seriously and seem to understand the need to partner with the community. The neighborhood is turning around thanks to new residents coming in to restore, but changing 'old bad habits' of some people is very difficult to do. That includes some city officials who 'wrote off' this neighborhood over a decade ago.