Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains : Wilson Avenue

18 Rooms, 11 bedrooms, Architectural paneling, grand staircase, and 11 fireplaces with period tile. If you want that big rambling Victorian mansion , this is it. MLS 1239601, 3523 Wilson is part of the trend to convert grand old homes turned into apartment back in the 40's,  back to single family homes and in terms of the volume of spaces this has to be one of the best values per square foot in the city and it sits on an almost 1/2 acre . Priced at only 34,900.00.
Architectural wainscot and tile work are everywhere in this grand home.

A ton of work has gone into the interior of this home including a modern kitchen.There is still work to do.  The exterior still has its 1950's era siding. Imagine how it would look after the reveal and a multi color period paint job. Nice corner lot, grand porches, lots of potential with this Free Classic Victorian beauty.

In case you haven't been over to this area in a while, people are starting to rediscover this part of the city and there are some restorations in the immediate area. The long term future of this area is,  I think, moving back upward, but a few more pioneers would be welcome over there.

Do you know of a preservation bargain? A home that just need someone with soem vision to bring it back? If so contact me at and we might feature it here. Since we started this series, many homes are now in the hands of presevation minded individuals and out of the hand of slumlords and city demo policies. Saving Cincinnati, one house at a time.

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