Monday, October 11, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Paint, Paint, Paint... sums up the latest activities as we continue to tackle the West wall of the house. While its nice that we do not have  a lot of windows on this side to trim around there is just major amounts of siding to cover. The goal is to get a good coat of tinted bonding primer on that side and at least two coats of top finish coat before the weather turns cold meaning all exterior surfaces will have a good paint job. I have some siding replacement to do and I'm already priming and painting that siding so when I start any replacement it will blend right in. Work is going slow because we must use great care because of the powerline  not far from our house. This goes to the house next door and while it off at the box , it is still 'hot' out to the street.

We also are doing more fall plantings of bushes and trees. Thanks to our dry conditions of late  it looks like most of the leaves will fall early and we will soon be able to take down some of the trees along the back lot line. We have a couple of trees that are too large for us to do so we are still looking for a licenced and bonded tree trimmer to take them out.

Imagine our surprise this week to see a painting contractor on the metal roof of the big Free Classic Foursquare across the street priming and painting it.this week. This is a rental property and I was pleased to see her putting some investment dollars into this property. Another neighbor was painting their porch , while I can't say I approve of the color, it is great to see people taking a  little pride in their homes.

Now that the leaves have fallen I am taking more photos to get our historic building survey completed and get our national registry nomination for the neighborhood ready. Between that and lobbying for  an end to the city VBML policy, doing and evaluation or to on historic property, its been a busy week.

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