Monday, October 18, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

Still getting all exterior items buttoned up before  the inevitable cold weather comes. Right now however conditions have been ideal so we have been working on some key exterior items and one of those is the front  dormer window.

This is one of the most visible details on the front facade so  We really want to get this painted prior to winter. It has also suffered some damage over the years with a Norther exposure. Regular readers and those from Cincinnati will know that this dormer is actually  constructed of Stamped Tin which is attached to the wood framing of the dormer. This is a rare detail on a residential home , anywhere other than Cincinnati, because Cincinnati had several large tin stamping facilities that did mostly commercial building work but they found a ready local market here for residential. This was also cost effective as it could be "assembled' on site and given back in the day this was a remote area, it made a lot of sense to use tin. You just ordered the design you wanted and there were hundreds to styles to choose from.

Most of the "repair work": was at the lower level of the tin work  And I had fabricated the replacement parts. Prep is pretty much formal, Crape everything that is loose and wire brush. You should NEVER use a heat gun on this detail because the heat will transfer through and you could start a fire.  Panting is simple, other than its the highest point on the house requiring a large ladder. I like to avoid placing the ladder directly on the tin, so I put a 2x4 across the window opening and  secured it, which allowed me to place the ladder just below the dormer and be at a good working height. The goal was to get a couple of coats of the base trim color on and then apply the other colors to pick out the detail. So far I've only just started the latter process with the first color. Plans are for 5 different colors plus a stenciled detail. I am also building a window box for this area. which should allow for a nice look come spring. I also noted that this window once has a Awning as I saw the original hardware on there. This is something we may consider doing as it would add some architectural interest to the front facade.

The west wall is 'almost done" I have one small area to complete up near the top. I am building a new "diamond window" as the old one is pretty shot.

Time has been the big issue as a fair amount of my time  involved in Preservation issues, getting our national registry nomination for the neighborhood ready for submission and meeting with people who want to come into Knox Hill and want to restore. This week was no different as I gave a tour to someone looking at our neighborhood from Price Hill and another, a young couple who were looking for their first home. This is becoming an almost weekly occurrence and my realtor confirmed that there has been a lot of sale activity lately

Its a busy time on Knox Hill and I keep seeing more and more people working on the outside of their homes, certainly a good sign.

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