Monday, October 25, 2010

Knox Hill Project: Weekly Update

The West wall is finally painted! We have been working on this on weekends for a few weeks now and after more time than I care to have spent we are essentially there. We still have things to do like install the lower drip edge trim which was removed in the 1920's when the mineral wool/cement siding was installed over the originals. I have also started paiting the corner trim boards and they shoudl be ready in install as is the  lower skirt trim for the front bay bump out.

Ordered brackets that will support the  new window box that will be under the front window, so once those come in we can install the window box.

I am continuing to work on the front second floor dormer with adding additional colors to pick out detail on the embossed tin trim.

I was going through early photos and came across this 'before" of the front of the house.. Had we not come along I am certain this house would have been demoed by now. I think we have proved that there are no bad houses just bad owners. We need to stop throwing up roadblocks and redtape to responsible Preservationists who want to come to this city and restore it and start using proven competitive incentives like facade grants, discounted permits and other ideas to bring people back to the great Urban neighborhoods of Cincinnati.


St Charles said...

Beautiful This is house is a beacon of Hope for your neighborhood and Historic Cincinnati!!!!!

Karen Anne said...

Looks fabulous. And the before and after are mind boggling.