Friday, October 29, 2010

OTR ADOPT seeks donations for tarping project

One of the most critical aspects of the proper 'mothballing' of a historic property is keeping it dry. Moisture infiltration is the number one cause of damage to historic property.

OTR ADOPT is currently seeking donations of materials monies and manpower to put Tarps on four structures which are in eminent danger of demolition. The tarping of these structures may "buy a little more time' and enable OTR ADOPT to find people with the resources to adopt and save them.

If you would like to help either by financial donation materials or labor, please contact Danny Klinger at OTR ADOPT to help. At a time when we have a city that believes BLIGHT=BULLDOZER and is addicted to federal monies to help pay its bloated administrative costs, now is the time to help OTR ADOPT save the history of Cincinnati.

To donate please go to the OTR ADOPT  website:

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