Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OTR ADOPT's latest offering 1737 Elm St (rear building)

Photo courtesy OTR ADOPT
Unless you have been living in a cave you know OTR is making a turnaround. Companies like 3CDC are making an impressive march up Vine street with renovations. Findlay Market has ever increasing attendance. Throw in the Washington Park  project, Music Hall, and the streetcar and OTR is well on its way.

Into that mix of energy is OTR adopt which matches distressed properties with new owners willing to commit to the big task of tough restorations. OTR ADOPT's latest offering is 1737 Elm street (rear building). Aside from its classic architecture this property is all about location. It's in the Findlay Market area  which is beginning to see a lot of restorations.  Many buildings in this area are of very large size. This property however, is a manageable size and perfect for a single family home.

The home still has some good features like its steam bent staircase railings and should make a nice home. You can't beat the location. It need some immediate attention to its brick work and a new roof. If you would like more information about how this home can be yours  as well as more photos, please go to the OTR ADOPT Website and take a look http://www.otradopt.com/property.php?id=9

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