Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Antique of the week: Historic Folio from 1894

In 1894, People traveled from across the country to Chicago for the World's Fair. Of course many could not afford the trip but they still wanted to show how "worldly and cultured" they were. As a result many subscribed to a series of folios published by H.S Smith and C.R Graham for the Philadelphia Publishing Company.

Each of these folios cost 25 cents and a year subsciption was 12.00 (no small sum in 1894). Each folio had photographs taken at the fair and a brief description of what the exhibit was. These folios would be prominently displayed in ones formal parlour to impress guests.

While these were produced in reasonable numbers they are increasingly difficult to find in good condition. The fact that these survived at all it amazing. This folio is number 13, of the series and dated April 9th, 1894!
Folio is in good condition overall with photos including the French Statuary Exhibition, the German educational exhibit, and views of the Architectural Hall. This 16 page,106 year old folio with wonderful illustrated cover is yours for 24.95 / 5.00 shipping and handling.

No parlor is complete without a piece of history on your table. Please contact us at to purchase this folio AND we have alimited selection of other folios from the fair and we, of course, combine shipping, Paypal accepted.

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