Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains: 628 Delhi Sedamsville

Maybe you are the kind of person who dreams of owning a grand old brick townhouse but you just are not the "urban living ' type so OTR is not your cup of tea.. You'd love to be close to town but still have that small town feel.

628 Delhi in the village of Sedamsville may just be what you are dreaming of. An elegant, large 3 story townhome sitting in the quiet village of Sedamsville. Just minutes to downtown, this quiet village sits in a valley surrounded by parks so if you love nature, then this is the perfect solution.
Some paint, some wallpaper, A proper cast iron fireplace and its back to 1865 with your antiques.

A classic Brick Italianate this house is steeped in history. In move in condition, and you can redecorate at your leisure.  Currently a two family dwelling, this house can be easily converted back to a grand single family home of its past. Some paint, some wallpaper and minor 'unmuddling' will return this beauty back to the period perfect grand dame she should be and you will  congratulating yourself about how you arrived in Sedamsville before prices went through the roof.
Large formal dining room. Subtract paint, add Bradbury wallpaper, and you will be ready for your family Christmas.

This Italianate townhome is offered at only 25,000.00. Thats less that a new car. MLS 1238853 Daniel Day, Remax prefferred group.

Do you know of a Preservation Bargain? A piece of Cincinnati history that just needs the love of a dedicated Preservation minded person to restore it to its former glory? If so, email me at with the details, some photos and contact information and we may feature it here. Since we began this series we have saved many houses from the clutches of slumlords and "investor type" . Saving Cincinnati , One house at a time!

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St Charles said...

My question What kind of drugs were the owners using when the picked the interior colors. Purple haze comes to mind I know it is easily changed but good God