Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cincinnati Preservation Bargains: Dawson Avenue

Imagine a large 'High Style" 3 Story Brick Second Empire Townhouse on a double lot with stone retaining wall and 5 Bedrooms to boot. And a quick drive downtown. Impossible? Not at this home at 3620 Dawson Ave.

If you are looking for a nice historic home in a stable neighborhood that is already seeing some restoration. Then this house may be just what you are looking for. The current owner has already had some Electrical and Plumbing work done. All this an a bargain Basement price of only 20,000.00! MLS #1246840, this property is offered by Alfred Rosser, Overland Realty.

Do you know of a Historic preservation bargain? A home that just need the right person to buy it and return it to the grandeur of an earlier era? If so send the detail to me at victiques@gmail.com and we might feature it here. Since we started this series several people have found their dream home through this series and houses are being restored that might have would up in the hands of slumlords or worse yet in a landfill. Saving Cincinnati, One house at a a time.


ellie11147 said...

where is Dawson Ave? what part of town?

Paul Wilham said...

Dawson is West between Millcreek and Beekman. This is a little "pocket neighborhood" of two streets and there is some light insustrial/office around it.

If you google map view it there appear to be some nice houses on the block and there is a large green space behind the street. One upon a time in the 1880's this entire area would have been residential. It appears to be nicely wooded all around it in the aerial view.

One could take Beekman down to town, cross the Viaduct and never have to go on the freeway or get on the freeway and get just about anywhere pretty easily.

With the on going work they are doing on Mill Creek with paths and such I image the neighborhood would only get better over time.